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re: Guild Rank System and Responsibilities


Overlord (Guild Leader) is effectively the heart and soul of the guild and as such I take full responsibility for ensuring that the guild remains a pro-active, friendly and fun environment for all members at every level.
Overlord has full powers and privileges in terms of guild maintenance and member control. The Overlord's word and judgement is final.
Overlords and Underlords only can remove members from the guild.


Underlords are 2nd in the chain of command. An Underlord is the acting Overlord(GL) at times when the Overlord themselves are not online and as such are expected to conduct and control all guild related matters accordingly.
Underlords are responsible for the review and reporting on day to day guild matters.
Underlords in addition can remove members from the guild as they see fit without prior approval of others if they deem necessary. Their guild trust is absolute.

Immortal Senate

The Immortal Senate are the management core of the guild. It is from the Immortal Senators that the Over and Underlords take and seek advice on the day to day running of the Guild. They are fundamental in guiding the policies of the guild in order to maintain success and prosperity in the forever changing environment of Wow.

Commanders are those souls who have dedicated themselves to the leading, learning and understanding of everything there is to know about raiding in Wow. A raid Commander does not simply lead a raid...he lives it. Raid Commander are those souls who determine who raid teams within the guild should be structured and what the rules are regarding loot, reward and punishment. Raid Commanders set the guidelines for how the Guild conducts it's raid policies.

Immortals are the backbone of the Guild and therefore must conduct themselves in a manner which is testament as to how the Guild presents itself both in Guild and the public realm. These few members have achieved success above and beyond the norm within the guild. Their loyalty and dedication are without question. It is from within the Immortal ranks that the future management of the guild will be filled when required.

Immortals have full bank privileges, member promotion/demotion from district to Knight rank, guild message posting and ensuring the regular update of member notes. Immortals are in charge of bank management (must be kept tidy, orderly and useful at all times), keeping the members in line and happy, and dealing with any relatively minor guild concerns. Immortals should always be the first point of contact for minor disputes, queries and concerns. Where necessary an Overlord will provide input or action as and when required.

Raid Enforcer


Knights are long term members (the guts) of the guild deemed to be trustworthy and solid in all capacities related to wow, from conduct, active guild participation, social interaction and performance.
From the core stock of Knights the finest will be selected and considered for future promotion to Immortal. Immortal promotions are only ever granted to those who strive above and beyond the normal expectations of a member of this guild. Knights can arrange and organise guild events and as such have increased access to the guild Bank tabs attributed to their rank and may request additional items from the raid tab as their scheduled raid requires.


Warriors are those who have passed their trial successfully and are primarily the aspect associated with Guild growth. The correct selection and development of good guild members will ensure that the guild itself remains active, true to its standards and enjoyable with a continued sense of shared purpose and direction.
Warriors have access to several of the guild Bank tabs attributed to their rank.


Squires are newly welcomed trial members. Trial periods will generally run for a period of 2-3 weeks after which an officer will promote to full Warrior rank or recommend those for removal from the guild. A trial period can be shortened or extended as deemed fit by the Guild Leaders for the purposes of establishing guild compatibility.
The rank of Squire has no guild bank access.


District rank is reserved for those undergoing a disciplinary measure. At the rank of damned all privileges including Guild Bank access and Guild Chat participation are lost temporarily.
The disciiplinary rank can be enforced by Generals, Enforcers and Guild Leaders only and will remain until such time that the matter is resolved to the satisfaction of the enforcing party or the member is removed from the guild.
Upon the resolution of the matter all previous rank and associated privileges will be restored to the member unless recommended otherwise by the enforcing party.


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